zondag 5 februari 2012

My creative life

I found this quote when i was reading the blog of 'Teapots and Chatter' and i really found myself in these letters. It's been a half year now that my Etsy shop is online and i'm happy things are going good this way. I was a bit scared because not many people in Belgium know Etsy. I love the way that i have the possibility to choose when i put things online, everything is very easy to use,... To be short: it doesn't give lots of stress.

I'm happy that so many people love what i do. I never expected that. I really want to do more with my hobby and i've decided i'm going to take a course, so i can make a real shop when i want to in the future.

This month i'm also going to talk with the owner of Econcept - i already wrote about them here -. They are looking for fair trade creative/ecological products from people around Bruges. He already sounded very intrested...so maybe my stuff will be in a real shop sooner than i thought! I'm so curious!!
At the end of this month i'm going to have a little booth on Let's LousART again. This will probably be the last time i'm going to be there because the next edition is too close to my exams. As my exams in January didn't went the way i wanted, i really want to focus myself on the next ones. Last week i've been doubting a bit if i would really go to the craft market, because i'm always insecure about the stuff i make and this time i haven't got my boyfriend with me to support me when i'm feeling this way.

In Bruges we don't have many craft markets for creative people. Those we have are really expensive for people who are just making things in their free time. I've been talking to someone to make some plans and look out a bit if we can't make something like Let's LousART in our area. We've already planned to have a talk with the organizers.

Many things to-do the next weeks,
What are you up to?
Eline S.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Eline, we gaan eens zien wat wij er kunnen van maken in Brugge é :-)!

    Ik steun je alvast en we zijn er samen op Let's LousART, mocht het niet zo lopen gelijk we willen...

    Melissa - Bizoux

    1. Bedankt Melissa!
      Ik kijk er naar uit om samen te zitten! ;)

  2. Thanks for tagging me lovely :) Xoxo