Eline S.

Hi, welcome on my blog!

I'm Eline, a twenty-something student from Bruges.
I live together with my mom, my sister and my boyfriend. This year we are 7 years happily together! Yaay!

I like to make all kind of things when i have the time for it...Since a little while i have my own, old (and heavy) sewing machine to practice. Next to sewing i also try to make other things: jewellery, crocheting, cooking,... are just a few of the things i do.

For the moment my antique sewing machine is broken. The parts that i need really cost a lot, so i've decided to stop sewing for a while... My main hobby for now is making jewellery and bookmarkers. Because i had a too big collection for my own I decided to place some of the things i make on Etsy.

When i'm not sewing or fabricing things, i'm probably busy doing my school work.I study tourism and recreationmanagement. So now and then you might also find a travel idea online.

I love listening to music and playing my own music: cello and guitar. This year i had to stop my cello lessons because i have longer hours to do at school, so I'd to decide... I really miss playing the cello.. Every month i'll share with you the song i listen to the most at that moment. My music style is mostly indie, alternative rock or singer songwriter but i also like to listen to other kind of songs now and then.

First of all i made this blog because i had lots of inspiration and help from other blogs.
I would like to tell the world what i'm doing and thinking. I'd like to get connected with other crafty people! Feel free to contact me when you have any questions.

Also on Facebook you can find my works: www.facebook.com/elines.producten.
Pls take a look and click 'like' when you do. It's always fun to read some reactions about the things i make.
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Eline S.

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  1. Hi Eline, just wanted to say Gracias (thats thank you in Spanish)for following my blog! I greatly appreciate it and hope my reads are of inspiration to you. You seem to be very talented and I love the sincerity tone of your blog. I look forward to mingling and keep finding inspiration in yours! Once again, Gracias!

    Here is a link that'll give you a little glimpse into my world and hope you keep coming back for more of...To Inspire and be Inspired! Tootles! http://www.simplyymayra.com/search/label/About

    1. De nada Marya! Soy contento de te gusta mi blog! :)
      Hablo un poco de Espanol. Es una hermosa lengua!
      Muchas gracias por visitar y commentar! xx

  2. Hello cutie! I just discovered thanks to Heart Soul Inspiration is a great pleasure to meet you I really like your blog, I also make necklaces and jewelry studio so it's very exciting to find you!
    You can come visit if you fancy http://bitsofmoon.blogspot.com.es/
    I send you a big shout;)

    1. Thank you Thainá! I'm so glad you like my blog!
      I will take a look at your work too. It's nice we do have the same passion!! :)