zaterdag 14 januari 2012

For all creatives

One of my favorite shops in Bruges is Econcept!
A lovely store with designs made by hand and ecological products.
When i walk in there - first of all you smell the parfumes, that tingle my nose - i get instant inspiration!

Yesterday i went for a little shopping and couldn't resist it to go into the shop.
This week i read about a new 'competition' for creatives around Bruges (but i think if you aren't from Bruges you can also participate). You can come into the shop with your handmade/ecological product and they will see what they can do. The shopmanagers are very friendly and helpfull when you want to ask something about the products or the other things going on in Econcept.

Yesterday i discovered a product i've already made from paper. Paper coasters made with powertex and fabric to protect them. I haven't got photos from them (to bad!) because i gave them as a present to someone.  Maybe i'll make a little DIY in the future myself, because they are easy to make and so great to use. The coasters looked like this ring above, which i'm going to make again, but with normal brass or silver plated ring bases (no more cardboard bases. Because that will be easier for everyone who wants to wear them

New on my to-do list:
* make earrings with real natural products
* make keychains
* make new fabric earstuds
* make some photos for a DIY ::: paper coasters
* make paper rings

Can't wait until the exams are done. :)
This afternoon some more studying. On the program: event management!

Yesterday i've placed some new items online. Click here to check them out.

Have a nice day!
Eline S.

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