maandag 23 januari 2012

Don't bother me - I'm pinning!

Have you heard of Pinterest? Today I finally completed my invitation to this whole new world. This afternoon i started with making my first boards and pinning my Etsy favorites on it.

Pinterest, for those who have not yet tasted this poison apple, is kind of like having a giant virtual pin board. A pin board where you can save or ‘pin’ anything you find on the internet! And what’s even better, you can share your virtual pin board with everyone else and you can check out what everyone else has been pinning and pin it on your own board if you want to. You can add a little note, or even leave a comment for a friend, and pinterest automatically links your pin back to the website you saved it from… genius!
You can follow people on pinterest in much the same way as you do on twitter, but I already prefer this more than Twitter...

If you also have a Pinterest account and you'd like to follow each other, you are free to click here to go to my 'profile'.

Eline S.

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