woensdag 25 januari 2012

Wednesday inspiration board #12 ::: Letters on wood

When i think about my dreamhouse i'd love to have some nice wooden objects in or around it. They make me feel so calm and they remind me of the past.
Enjoy my top 5 of my
treasury list!

1.Hand painted wedding sign on salvaged wood made by Trueconnection (€33 - $40)
2. French rustic 'Parfumerie Cristienne' sign on reclaimed industrial wood made by Utopia Home & Garden (€15,50 - $12,50)
3. 'Make time to dream' handpainted wooden sign made by The Nest UK (€13 - $16,50)
4. Cottage decor sign 'Love' made by Old New Again (€47 - $58)
5. Vintage wooden crate sign/key rack made by Up Home

Discover these shops by clicking on their names.
Have fun,

Eline S.

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