maandag 9 januari 2012

Meet the January sponsors

New since January are the sponsor spots in the sidebar of my blog.
I would love to introduce you to these fantastic people.
Please visit their blog/shop and give them the love they deserve.
Every month new blogs/shops will be here for you.
My goal is to let you (and me) meet new shops and blogs from creative people.

This shop has some very nice secondhand/ vintage clothing.
Here you can also find new clothing in vintage style.
You can read more (in Dutch) about this shop on this blog or you can find some treasuries on the facebookpage. Later on this month there will be an interview with the owner of this shop!! Are you as curious as i am?

Or in English 'The Newspaper barber' is a lovely shop from two sisters living in The Netherlands. In this shop you will find lots of items that are made of paper or that need some paper e.g. stamps, postcards, notebooks,... Read more about their work on their blog or become a fan on facebook.

Kiki Jewelry is a fantastic shop on Etsy with handmaded jewelry and accessories. All items in this shop have a vintage twist! Check out her facebookpage to see some photos or special discount codes!

If you like unique, handmaded stuf! This shop will be perfect for you!
The girl behind Rienemien makes her own glass jewelry and accessories at home. The items are made with lots of patience and love.  All her items are unique pieces. She never makes the same things again.

'Moois van Me' has all kinds of homemade jewelry with lots of variation and materials. 'Me' also likes crocheting, knitting, sewing, drawing,... All items are one of a kind.
Check out her lovely blog and shop here.

I hope you've found a shop that you like or that inspires you!
Crafty greetings,
Eline S.

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