maandag 9 januari 2012

Become a sponsor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor.
I would love to promote/support shops that sell handmaded items or craft items.
Blogs are also very welcome to become a sponsor.
Would you like to see your logo/banner on this blog?
Here's some information about my blog/facebook/twitter.
Updated on 21st May 2012

- 8 followers via Bloglovin
- 5 subscribers by mail
- Between 1700 and 2100 views/month

- more than 900 fans from all over the world


Top 5 countries that visited my blog
1. Belgium
2. Netherlands
3. USA
4. Russia
5. Germany

If you're looking to get your logo/banner on my blog, this is a great opportunity to receive some free advertising. You will also have the chance to get connected with other crafty people. You can choose between the large or medium spot.

Large spot (220 x 300)
* Featured in a solo post with an interview
* Featured in a 'Meet the sponsors' post
* The option to have a solo post with a product review of your choice
* Links on my facebook and twitterpage
* Featured in my favorites on facebook

Medium spot (220 x 105)
* Featured in a 'Meet the sponsors' post
* Featured in my favorites on facebook

All sponsor spots are for free on this blog. The only thing i request is that your logo/banner is made in the right measurements (large/medium) and that the lay-out fits my blog. If not I will have the right not to place your ad on my blog.

Please e-mail me ( if you would like to have your spot or more information.

Greetings & hope to hear you soon,
Eline S.

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