zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Sometimes dreams come true

I didn't have the time to write something on my blog yesterday, but i still want to share it with you. Yesterday i got the wonderful opportunity to go and have a talk with the owner of Econcept. (I already talked/wrote about this shop here) I was so scared, i was in doubt if i would go into the shop or just pass it. I stood there on the street for like 10 minutes, talking in myself that i could do it, that i don't have to be scared to fail...
He was really enthusiastic about the items i make in my free time and he decided to have some of them in his shop. I still can't believe this! My items are now in a shop in the middle of my town! It's a part of my dream coming true..

I woke up this morning thinking by myself that it would be terrible if none of the items would find a lovely owner. But guess what.... there's already been someone in the shop that fell in love with one of my earrings. Just great! I hope this will be the start of something beautiful and fun.

I'm proud of what i've done now.. i've got the feeling my life is getting back on a good track. I do have much more energy lately to start new things and be less scary to talk to new people. Mostly i'm just a person that waits and sees how the other person behaves. I used to be more social and not so quiet a while ago, but i guess i have to live and accept how i'm feeling now and the things of the past cannot be changed. We only can learn from it, in fact i don't know what yet.. I've lost many things and i still don't know how to accept that..

Tomorrow another journey starts... not only proverbial!
You can read more about that soon!

If you haven't signed yourself up for the Sidonie Yang Handmade give away this month, you can still do this here. The only 2 things you'll have to do is: become a follower of this blog (with Google Friends Connect or Bloglovin) and leave a comment with your e-mailaddress under the Give Away Post.

Enjoy your weekend!
Eline S.

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  1. That's fabulous news, Eline! I'm really happy for you, congratulations!
    Olga (cosydozy)