dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Sidonie's Chad Wallet

When you have a 'large ad' on my blog. It's free to share one of your products with the world.
Sidonie Yang from Sidonie Yang | Handmade, would love to tell you more about the 'Chad' wallet!

This is my washable kraft paper men's wallet... it doesn't have a name, but I might it, "Chad" (I'll tell you why in just a bit).

I use, as with all my other creations, washable kraft paper to make it. I've come to realize that men are always on the quest to find a thin, yet sturdy wallet. In addition, my wallet is also made of a material that is luxurious in how it feels and looks, and exotic in what it's made from. The four men in the entire world who use my wallet so far... have pretty unique wallets!

The inspiration for my wallet is the person whom I have named it after - Chad! Chad is my husband's cousin. For Christmas, I gave him a keychain made of washable kraft paper, and he later asked me if I could make him a wallet out of the same material. I did, and it turned out really nicely... so I decided to also sell it on Etsy.

Men (or even women) can use my wallet, although it's usually men that prefer the size and look/feel.

My wallet costs $47 USD, and is available at my Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/listing/89408018/mens-wallet-made-from-washable-kraft
Sidonie Yang

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