woensdag 15 februari 2012

Wednesday inspiration board #14 ::: Valentine

Valentine's here again!
My boyfriend and me normally don't celebrate valentine. We don't like the idea that you just show your love on the 14th February, we prefer to show our love the whole year through. And i must say.. this works for already 7 years!
Most of the things that people make for valentine are so exagerrated, but these items are my top 5 from my treasury list with original valentine cards.

1. Valentine Day Cards Set of 4 on recycled paper made by N2Design (€9 - $12)
2. I miss you Valentine's day card made by Ashley Pahl
3. I love you to the moon and back paper card set made by El y Ella Paper Designs (€7 - $9,50)
4. Set of 12 raised adhesive hearts made by LBC Paper (€3 - $4)
5. I Loove you paper card made by Buttonlandia (€3 - $4)

You can discover these shops by clicking on their names,
Have Fun!
Eline S.

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