woensdag 8 februari 2012

Wednesday inspiration board #13 ::: Macaroons

Next to the cuberdon candy, macaroons are my second love in candy world...
I love the way they look, how they taste and i love to make them!
I've made a treasury about macaroons a few weeks ago.
These are my favorites from the list, but the others are also very beautiful.

1. Art photo 'Macaroons in Pastel and Bokeh Background' 5x5 made by Maria Kallin (€8 - $9,90)
2.  Food photography 'Macaroons' 8x8 made by Metro Line 6 (€16 - $20)
3. Macaroons photo art print 8x8 made by Charlene Precious (€19 - $24)
4. 'I love French Macaroons' fine art food photography 5x7 made by Happee Monkee (€12 - $15)
5. Macaroons n°3 photography made by The Maple Tea House (€9 - $12)

You can discover these items and these shops by clicking on their names,
Have fun,
Eline S.

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