woensdag 1 februari 2012

Meet the February Sponsors

Sidonie Yang Handmade is a shop that offers items in a lovely - for me unknown - material: washable kraft paper! As i learned to know Sidonie a bit better, i learned more about this material. It's actually paper, but it feels like leather and is as strong as plastic. In Sidonie Yang | Handmade you can find notebook covers, tablet sleeves, wallets, stationary and accessories. In a few days there'll come a give away (open for followers of this blog) with one item from her shop!

Marjolein, a graphic design student, loves to make things out of paper: the name papierdier is Dutch and means paper animal. In this shop she sells handmade paper items and book binding products like notebooks and portfolios, greeting cards and hand stamped gift tags.


If you're looking for a original wall mount, you're in the right place at the Banana Tree Studios. You can choose between different deer heads with original colours or patterns. If you have any special paper or fabric in your head, Hannah would love to help you create the deer head you want.

Cosydozy shop offers you a range of handmade cushion covers, unique and elegant. Here you can order a tailor-made linen cover in almost any available colour, plain or with a vintage-style doily appliqué. In cosydozy shop you will also find practical and lasting canvas shopping bags and a choice of handmade ceramics: dishes, buttons, pendants, and more to come. Until 25 February you can find cosydozy's handmade items in Lolly pop-up shop in Antwerp, and at any time the shop is open to individual requests and orders.

If you like unique, handmaded stuf! This shop will be perfect for you!
The girl behind Rienemien makes her own glass jewelry and accessories at home. The items are made with lots of patience and love. All her items are unique pieces. She never makes the same things again.

Wander through a wonderland of vintage china tea stands, tiered wedding cupcake displays, cake stands, plates & trays, dessert pedestals & jewelry stands. High Tea for Alice brings you one-of-a-kind towers of fine & vintage European china. Pure, old-fashioned charm meets modern entertaining. Beautiful to admire, a pleasure to use...you'll never want to put them away. Alice never got to enjoy her tea in Wonderland. Now, she will...

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