vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Song of the month #7 ::: Something Corporate - Heroine

A new month again and my new song of the month!
This night i brought my boyfriend to the airport, he's going to stay in the Czech Republic for 3 months. He's a student to be a teacher in arts and in that very cold land he's going to follow some special courses AND he promised me to learn some great local dishes. Yummie!


When we were younger we loved to sing out loud the songs of Something Corporate.
I couldn't resist it to add two songs of them here in this blog post.

It's hard to find some good videos from them without people screaming on the background. No live performances this month, but two videos with the lyrics. These are our two favorites of Something Corporate. Enjoy them!

Tomorrow i'll post a very nice interview with Sidonie from Sidonie Yang Handmade! We'll take a little peek into her workspace.

Have a nice day,
Eline S.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Czechs eat a lot of potatoes and cheese, separately or together :)

  2. Good combination!! ;)
    Thank you for your comment!