vrijdag 13 april 2012

Journey to the Czech Republic & Poland

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I would love to show you some photos of my journey back to Hradec Kralové and Prague together with some photos from Poland.

We (my boyfriend and me) decided to make a trip to Krakow to visit the city and to visit Auschwitz - Birkenau. I can tell you for sure that this was a very special trip. Auschwitz itself was different than i thought it would look like. I just had a different view on how a concentration camp would look like, but Birkenau was exactly what i thought of/read about it. Both Auschwitz and Birkenau were very fascinating and intresting, but also very shocking. I could spend so many words on how i felt and what i thought about it.. but i won't bother you with that. The first day of our journey in Krakow we visited the Oscar Schindler's factory which is now a great museum. We both didn't think this museum would be so good. In fact this museum was a great introduction to visit Krakow itself.

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