zondag 15 april 2012

Crea-Parels's little roses

Crea-Parels is this month's head sponsor on my blog and waw.. i hope you already visited her facebookpage or website. She has some very lovely stuff over there!
Just like myself she likes to work with flowers and guess what?! All earrings, earstuds and rings including roses do have special prices now!

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Click the photo to enlarge and discover what she is offering.

1 pair : 4 euro
2 pairs : 7 euro
3 pairs : 10,5 euro
4 pairs : 13 euro
5 pairs : 15 euro

Ring + earrings = 9 euro now 7,50 euro
Necklace + earrings = 16 euro now 14,50 euro
Necklace + earrings + ring = 21 euro now 18 euro

If you have any questions or if you would like to order one of these items,
you can contact Jessy: info@crea-parels.be
If you're not from Belgium you're also welcome to contact her and ask your questions in English.

If you would like to see who's Jessy from Crea-Parels, pls click here to go to the interview she gave.

Do you have an amazing blog or do you make/sell handmade or vintage stuff?
Click here if you're interested in becoming a sponsor for free.

Enjoy your shopping or looking at these nice items,
Eline S.

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