woensdag 25 april 2012

Wednesday inspiration board #21 ::: Lime green

I've had a lot on my mind lately..
I went shopping for the new house together with my mom.
I immediately fell in love with a lovely darkbrown wallpaper. I love to have a lighter wall too in my room, now it's beige but i wanted more colour. Too bad they didn't have any mustard coloured wallpapers, so i choose light/lime green.
Can't wait to see my new room in these colours..

These are some lovely handmade items from great shops.

1. Lime green peridot ring made by The Sly Fox (€53 - $68)
2. Lime green beads by Oddly Even Supply Co.
3.Green paper flowers made by Sophistica (€16 - $21)
4. Lime green polkadot plate 6" made by Owl Creek Ceramics (€13 - $17)
5. 'Brighton The Owl' art print made by The Dreamy Giraffe (€14 - $18)

You can discover these shops by clicking on their names.
Have fun!
Eline S.

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