maandag 23 april 2012

Worky Worky

Since January i've been looking for a student job for the weekends.
I have send lots and lots of e-mails.. but sometimes just no response (just rude!) and after having a few application interviews, I was giving up hope... I really thought finding a job as a student for the weekends would be easy... but no it clearly isn't.

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I think that I was probably just being a fussy eater. I was sure that i didn't want to do cleaning dishes or bedrooms, no Quick or McDonalds or any other fastfood restaurant,...
A few weeks ago, before I went back to the Czech Republic, I saw a vacancy for a hotel. As I was giving up hope, I thought to give it a chance. I knew the hotel because i went there before to have dinner and some family parties.

The job interview really went great! I never had one like that before! And... i've got the job! Yay! I am now a student helper in the restaurant of that hotel. I wasn't really sure if this was what i wanted to do, but it's so much better than i thought! Last weekend was my first weekend and it felt good. I'm glad i've finally found a job!

While i am going to school, working and trying to find some time for my friends.. I am busy to organize all my jewelry and craft stuff. AND... we're (my mom, my sister and I) are going to move! A bit unfortunately that our moving will come in the middle of my exams. So i'll have to focus and plan everything very well. oh dear..

Have a nice week,
Eline S.

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