woensdag 28 maart 2012

Wednesday inspiration board #18 ::: Party flags

March is a real party month in my family.
We have so much birthdays and almost every Sunday we come together with the whole family to celebrate someone's birthday.
Thank God, I'm born in January.
I wouldn't like to share the birthday attention with someone else.
Some inspiration to make your own party flags or you can simply buy one of these:

1. Russian doll theme flag banner made by Starlit Nest (€38 - $49)
2. Happy Birthday flag banner made by Cherubs Boutique (€22 - $28,50)
3. Cake bunting with retro dots made by Boo Bah Blue (€9 - $12)
4. Orange bunting made by Giggleberry (€28 - $36)
5. Gray and yellow scallop bunting flags made by Weepereas (€27 - $35)

Discover these items and shops by clicking their names.
Have fun,
Eline S.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Those are really cute! Hope you enjoyed all the parties!

    1. Yes! Ofcourse i did! I love being with my family! Have a nice day, Eline