vrijdag 23 maart 2012

I got spoiled!

I didn't write many messages about 'my daily life' lately.
The reason is very simple... there's not much going on except for school, school and school...
I planned to do so much when my boyfriend's away but things just didn't always go how I wanted it. It might sound stupid but know i realise that when he's away, a big part of me's also away. We've been together for so long now, day and night, that i cannot be without him anymore. This year we know each other for 10 years and being separated for 3 whole months, feels much longer than i thought. Thank god we do skype a lot! During the day I don't really feel sad or something about it, but in the evening when i'm at home... it feels strange to be 'alone'. I do have my mother and sister here in the house, but that's not the same. I can't wait to go back to him the 1st of April.

Last Wednesday I did have a great time with a friend. For my birthday she gave me a voucher to have some wellness. We planned it since January and we were really looking forward to it. I do like to have a good massage or body package.. i just love it when i get spoiled.. The voucher wasn't what we expected.. it was quite a bummer.. normally people pay 160 euros for this, but i really would not recommend this to any one. We did not feel 'completed' yet and we decided to go out and make it a whole day out together. In the evening we went to the cinema and watched 'Hunger Games'... i must admit, this movie isn't bad. After that we got ourselves a lovely pitta and a good wine. It really felt good to have  a real 'girlsnight' out.

This weekend i didn't plan much, because lots of big assignments have to be ready after the vacations. I want to have everything ready before i go to the Czech Republic again. I'll tell you more about that later.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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