donderdag 1 maart 2012

Meet the March sponsors

Polkadot Pretties shop offers handmade linen accessories. Each item is as unique and individual as you. They are quality handmade, stylishly unique, multi-functional and carefully handcrafted with great attention to details.

Not only the shop is very intresting to go to while surfing around the internet. If you want to read a lovely blog, you can also visit the Polkadot Pretties blog! It's a fantastic blog about fun craft projects, sewing and the daily life of Claire, the 'girl'/mom behind this posts. To be honest, this is one of the many blogs i follow, that i actually read! Take your time to bring Polkadot Pretties a visit!

Amanda and Margaret make new things from old things. They're just two crafty chicks creating stylish items from often under appreciated materials. Click here to go to their shop!

Evie's Tool Emporium is named after their cocker spaniel who brings us joy and good luck!  The shop features metal stamping sets, drill bit sets, jewelry pliers, hammers, vises, metalworking tools, magnification tools, jewelry tools, craft tools and hobby tools.
Very good for those among us that love to be crafty!

Follow the fairy tale adventures of a geeky gal chasing after her crafty dreams on this blog!
On 'Living Apockylypse' you can follow the life of Pocky who writes about the daily things on her mind and many more!

KaroArt ceramics is a shop full of gift and spoil-yourself ideas... handmade designer tiles, sculptural bowls, jewelry, crafty buttons,... Karo designs sculptural, decorative tiles, evoking simple, repetitive patterns, mainly inspired by organic life. She also makes more
functional items such as unique sewing buttons and jewellery pieces characterised by natural, organic look. All pieces are made by hand from start to finish and no molds are used in the process.

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