woensdag 7 maart 2012

Wednesday inspiration board #15 ::: Washi

I love to work with washi tapes and Japanese paper! It's such a great material to work with.
And too bad.. or maybe it's very good, but it's so addictive to buy LOTS of them! You can have them in all kind of colors and patterns. And what's even better... you can do so many many projects with washi tapes and Japanese paper. These are 5 items from my Etsy favorites list that might give you some inspiration aswell.

1. Washi tape organizer made by 464Handmade (€20 - $26)
2. Mini wooden clothespins made by Bahana Splits Boutique (€9 - $11)
3. 'Thank you' card made by Yes Teacher Crafts (€2 - $2)
4. Pencils made with Japanese paper made by Maoiliosa (€7 -$9)
5. Washi tape by Raven and Matilda (€3 - £3)

Have a nice day,
Eline S.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. isn't washi just wonderful? there's no end to the number of beautiful things you can create with it - that's what i love about it :). thank you so much for including my pencils here, eline!

  2. Super eline! Je mag me er gerust eens mee leren werken heb wel wat ideeen om er leuke juweeltjes van te maken ( op mijn manier dan he ;-))


  3. such lovely feature!! I love washi tapes too!
    thanks so much!