vrijdag 9 maart 2012

DIY ::: Fabric keychain

This week i made a keychain for myself.
Making a keychain is very simple. This is how I worked to make mine:

First I took a piece of fabric.
I choose this one because I already cutted out that circle for something else, but it wasn't the right size.

Then I took a pendant. You can buy them in many craft stores.
Or you can make one yourself with polymer clay/fimo.

Make sure the fabric circle is the good size to fit your pendant.
Then glue the fabric on the pendant.
Make sure you don't use to much of the glue when you're working with thin fabric.

I needed a little bronze ring to finish my keychain.
This step depends on what kind of keychain you bought.
You can have normal circles or the more complicated ones like mine.
Close the circle with your bent nose pliers.

Et voilà... you've made a keychain.
I finished my keychain with a diamond glaze, but it became a little darker because of the glaze.

If you're interested in buying your own materials,
it would be a great idea to take a look at Evie's Tool Emporium, for the pendant and keychains it's a good idea to take a look in your local craft store.

Have a nice day,
Eline S.

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