woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Share your passion on Eline S.

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New on my blog since yesterday is the Passionfruit system to get your own advertisement online. It doens't change much for you, but for me it's fantastic! I can organise everything much better. Oooh, I'm already in love with it!

How does it work?
You can still make your choice between the large spot or the medium spot. You can see the lovely sponsors on the left of this blog as example.
You click on the ad spot you'd like and you'll go to the sponsorpage on Passionfruit.
You fill in your url, upload your button and add your e-mailaddress (if i need to contact you).

It's also nice if you could tell me more about your shop or blog in the description part.
Do you want more than one add? No problem, you can fill in how many ads you want on that page too.

If received a promotion code by me, you can add this at the bottom of the page on Passionfruit.

Next is the payment part. If you filled in a promotion code, you will automatically skip this part. Otherwise you can choose between Visa, Paypal, AmEx or Mastercard.

Read more about advertising on my blog, on this page or click 'sponsor' in the menu.

Have a nice day,
Eline S.

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