maandag 27 augustus 2012

Experimenting with Mod Podge

Yesterday, late in the evening, I've been trying to work with Mod Podge for the very first time. I wanted to make earrings from recycled paper with a coat of mod podge on it and a 3D crystal clear lacque finishing layer.


I am really pleased with the result. They are not perfect as you can see. But I will keep trying, because I think it's great that you cannot even see that the dark pink paper was paper before. It has a real resin look.

By the way, talking about resin... I have been looking for cheap and non-toxic resin in our local craft shops, but god... oh god... it's so expensive! I did some research on the internet and a great friend from BBN helped me with some nice videos about working with ice resin. A non-toxic version which is easy to use in smaller rooms. I was wondering if someone could tell me a good shop to buy it online or somewhere in Belgium?

Have a nice day,
Eline S.

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