maandag 28 mei 2012

CoolCorc's heritage collection

You could already find a beautiful work by Jessica from CoolCorc on this inspiration board, but she has so much more to offer!
She would love to tell something more about her amazing one-of-a-kind wallet from her heritage collection.

What is it? – Does your product have a name?
These are one-of-a-kind wallets from our Heritage Collection.

What are the materials that you used to create this? – Where did you found it?
I have utilized a men’s dress shirt for the interior of each of the wallets shown. This upcycled interior complements the eco-friendliness of cork fabric while also remaining stylish.

Where did you find your inspiration to make/chose this item?
I wanted to create a signature interior for my wallets but I still wanted them to be unique. For a while I’ve been thinking about using mens dress shirts for my products linings, but it wasn’t until a girlfriend of mine asked me to make her husband a computer sleeve for Christmas that I first got to investigate this idea. The computer sleeve turned out beautifully and her husband loved it. So, I began making my Heritage line of wallets.

Who can wear/use this item? 
My Heritage wallets are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and are for any one.

How much does it cost?
The prices range from $75USD to $125USD based on the utilization of the shirt and the detailing of the wallet. Some wallets feature the cuffs as interior coin pockets and ID pockets, other wallets feature the chest pocket as an interior pocket, so it just depends. Each of the wallets are absolutely unique because of their detailing and cannot be replicated – even if I used a similar patterned shirt, the wallets would be different. Each wallet is numbered based on the quantity of wallets I made from the one shirt and is signed as well.

Where do you sell your item?
CoolCorC’s Heritage wallets are found on our Etsy site.
If you have a favorite shirt that you can’t part with but can’t wear either, consider having it made into a wallet, computer sleeve, or other accessory with CoolCorC.


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