dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Song of the month #1 ::: The Editors - An end has a start

Deze middag heb ik mijn eerste examen gehad.
Het ging wat moeilijker dan verwacht, maar ik denk dat het wel goed was.
Nu heb ik wat meer zin om andere mensen hun blogs te lezen met een lekker muziekje op de achtergrond.

This afternoon i had my first exam.
It was a bit more difficult than i expected, but i think it'll be fine.
Now i just want to read blogs from other people with a nice song on the background.

Song of the day: The editors - An end has a start (acoustic version)

**GIVE AWAY on the facebookpage untill sunday 21/08/2011**

Eline S.

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  1. I really like this song :)I im so glad you're doing these posts <3 I wrote how yo change the size on the comment that you posted :)

    Have a great day and keep the rad music coming!