donderdag 20 september 2012

Recreating a necklace

A little while ago I had one of the most difficult tasks I've ever had.
Someone I vaguely now, asked me to design a new necklace with her old necklace, earrings and bracelet. I needed a lot of time to create a simple design that looked like she wished it.

The conclusion I made through this experience is that I have to know the person a lot better before I say yes to these kind of tasks. I wanted it to be good from the first time. Although the person says 'It's ok, you can do whatever you want'... it's not like that! Everyone has expectations and especially when you come to someone in the jewelry business. Next time I'll ask the person who comes to me a lot more questions. You are warned! ;)

The other thing I was worried about, was the simple design with these beads. Making simple, almost minimalistic designs are the hardest ones I think. I started to look for inspiration on my 'jewelry' board on Pinterest. It's a board where i place interesting jewelry (designs) or jewelry I would like to wear.

I'm very happy with the result (see photo above) and so was the person I made the necklace for. Too bad I don't have a before/after photo. Lucky me! I took a photo of the new necklace (see above).

Did you ever let someone make jewelry for you? Why/Why not?
Were you happy?
Eline S.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I think it turned out quite lovely and I'd have been proud to get something so pretty back! Since I don't know how to make jewelry myself, all my stuff comes from someone else...though I've never asked for anything specific. I can imagine though that it would be a hard thing to do, so kudos on such a job well done!

  2. I'm glad your client was happy, it's a beautiful necklace!


    1. I'm also very happy Caroline!
      Thanks for your comments! <3