dinsdag 18 september 2012

Back to school

Since yesterday I have to go back to school.
I'm very curious how this year will be, but it promises a lot of good things!

Together with some other students from my year, we decided to start a new student group called 'Itermundi'. We'll try to use Bruges (the city where we study - top location in Belgium for tourism) as much as we can and we'll try to help each other with studying, partying, ...
It promises a lot of good things! I'm the financial manager of Itermundi which gives me a little bit more work each month. This week will be very busy as we are promoting us as much as we can at school, so it could be that I will answer my e-mails later than the normal time (max. 2days!)

On the photo you can see one side of my school's library (ground floor).

Are you part of a student club or group??

Have a nice week,
Eline S.

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