zondag 1 juli 2012

Meet the July sponsors

Last month, I introduced you to some very great sponsors of my blog.
July is ready to get some new energy and there're some new great people to meet!

Let's have a look at my july sponsors. It would be fantastic if you could bring them a visit and say 'hello'.

Hi, I’m An-Sofie. I invite you all into my world where I see everything through a lens. My hobby is photography, and I specialize in concertphotography. I also do shoots, events and urban exploring. Being involved in something so beautiful, capturing it on image and sharing it with others makes my hobby so important to me. So don’t hesitate to take a look around and comment wherever you want.

'Bij Gebrek aan Beter' is the blog from Elisse, a 21 year old girl, who is in love with Josefien - her sewing machine - and her Canon camera. She likes being crafty and enjoying life. She also firmly believes in the saying: owl you need is love. Oo-hoo.

Sam is a 20 years old women who lives in Texas. At her blog 'My latest obsession' you'll find a bunch of tutorials, girlish garb posts, life tidbits as well as some thrifty finds of her. She also has a lovely store: Sam Wish, with vintage and handmade goods.


Hi! I’m RobbieLee, the creative behind Chickiedee | Handmade, and I live in beautiful Colorado! I believe that inspiration is key to living a productive and happy life. I’m inspired daily by other artists, bloggers, and creative people, so I aim to return the favor. That’s why you’ll find weekly/monthly features, such, as, {studio sunday}, {creative process}, {a beautiful brand}, {a list of…}, {DIY} + so much more. In addition, I will share sneak peeks into my daily life, projects + adventures. Take a look around and enjoy!


Hello there. This little of mine blog was started as a place for me to gather thoughts and inspiration and a way for my family and friends to keep up with my projects and adventures (and also partly because I just couldn't resist another hobby). I'm a dance instructor, the owner and sole crafter at Handmade by Nicole, a member of Eclipse Modern Dance Company and the type of person who makes lists of their lists. A large cup of coffee and a real good hug will always make me smile. Come say hello!



Hey there! I blog about living a curious life and trying new things. I also chart my successes and setbacks in my many different projects. I hope to inspire others to live a curious life too and create a little curious community of support and friendship. I blog about all kinds of things really - Basically whatever pops into my head.

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