zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Owl you need is love and some good books

I love books, my room is full of them... new ones, old ones and very old ones.
Apparently I'm not the only person who likes to make bookmarks.
Laura from 'Blue Eyed Night Owl' likes to make them too, they are different in style - but ooh so cute and handmade in felt!
 She would like to tell you more about one of her products.

What is it? - Does your product have a name?
It's an elastic bookmark with a cute owl on it.

What are the materials that you used to create this?
Most of my bookmarks are made with felt and a lovely shimmery elastic, This owl also has some buttons for the eyes.

Where did you find your inspiration to make/chose this item?
It is one of my very first bookmark designs actually. I was looking to make a special kind of bookmark that would stay put so you would never lose your page, instead of the paper ones that can easily slip out, especially when you're travelling. The elastic had to be both nice looking as well as thin and soft as to not damage the pages.
Owls are my favorite animal so that's what I made first.

Who can wear/use this item?
Anyone who loves to read! Kids, adults, men women, everyone! And if you don't find the style/subject you're looking for I'm always open for custom orders. I've done lots of custom animals for instance.

How much does it cost?
Currently you can get an owl bookmark for $11 or get one for large hardcover books that doubles as a headband for $12,50.

Where do you sell your item?
In my Etsy shop, along with lots of owl bookmarks in different colors and loads of other designs.

Thank you Laura, for telling us more about your product!
Eline S.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. awww, great idea! it's both practical and lovely, I'd love to get one for myself. :)

  2. such a cute idea! I wish I had more time to read these days... I'd probably end up using my owl bookmark as a headband if I ever got my Etsy on ;)

  3. they are so cute :D


  4. How cute! Really useful as well, I'm always bending the pages down on my books to save the page I should really invest in a decent bookmark <3 great post x

  5. Too cute, I would love one, and so would my daughter.

    Kate x