vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Meet Laura from Blue Eyed Night owl ::: interview

The 'Blue Eyed Night Owl' is one of the many blogs I follow that I actually read.
I love the way Laura describes things, I like her photos, her stories,...
and most of all I really started to appreciate Laura as a person too, she's one of the most friendly persons I met through the internet. Too bad we live so far from each other..
Anyways, She's the June headsponsor and she wanted to tell some more about herself and her blog & shop.

Shop/blog name?
Blue Eyed Night Owl is both a blog about all sorts of things and an Etsy shop filled with handmade goodies.

Who are you? - Where do you come from?
My name is Laura and I'm from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This city is a lovely place to live, it's beautiful and holds lots of fun neighborhoods, little shops and cafes. But most of my days are spent crafting and keeping up with all my online endeavours. I also love to curl up with a good book, a warm cup of tea, some freshly baked cookies and my dear cat Misty.

What do you make/sell?
Most of my shop consists of elastic bookmarks, but I also recently launched a series of "clickables", interchangeable accessories I'll continue to add to.

When did you start your shop?
I opened my shop at the start of 2010. And I've been blogging since the end of '09. I was at home a lot and wanted something nice I could do every day. I was crafting a lot and making a stock to sell, but I was also looking for a place to share some things that inspired me and kept me busy. A blog seemed perfect!

Is this your only job?
Yes and hopefully I can expand both the shop and the blog and turn it into a proper day job someday.

When did you realize you had this talent for making or searching up nice things?
I've always been busy creating things. Name any craft and odds are it's one of my hobbies. It just made sense to start selling things too. Felt has been one of my favorite materials ever since I was a kid. I love experimenting with other things as well, but I think I'll always continue to use felt as well.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Nature, music, colors, art and just going outside and walk around the city.

What is one thing you would like to accomplish that you haven't yet?
I'd love to start a newsletter, one that combines both news from my shop and my blog. And I'd also love to do markets and have my work sold in actual shops, not just online.

What are your words to live by or your favorite quote?
I'd say, just do what you love instead of what people expect you to do. You'll probably end up doing that anyway, so you might as well skip the detour.

Where do you know 'Eline S.' from?
From being lucky enough to win a big giveaway on This Enchanted Pixie :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl

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