woensdag 28 december 2011

New TVshows to follow!

I actually never told you how i really enjoy to follow some TV shows.
The coming weeks I will have to study, but in the evening i like to relax with a little episode of one of these shows when i'm laying in my bed:

** Game of Thrones **
Watched season 1, hoping to see season 2 very soon as I've also read the books!

** The Vampire Diaries **
Can't wait to watch season 4. I love vampires.

** Secret Diary of a call girl **
A funny TV show with short episodes. Never thought I would enjoy it to follow Belle's life.

** The Big Bang Theory **
These are the most adorable nerds. Sheldon always makes me laugh

** Downton Abbey **
Oh i just simply adore the costumes and scenes of this show..

These TV shows are waiting for me:
** Supernatural **
** Once upon a time **
** Grimm **
** Terra Nova **

Do you watch any TV shows?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I loved Game of Thrones show (and the books even more). I'm watching Downton Abbey season 2 now.

    1. I still have the books on my reading list :)
      Downton Abbey is also very very good. I've been watching 'Mildred Pierce' lately and found it good too (but not as good as Downton).