zondag 4 december 2011

Moving in - moving out

Today I'm helping my boyfriend's family to move house.
Mails will be answered later than normally.
A lot of answers can be answered on my policies page, so pls check this first before getting impatient.


A couple of days a week I do live in my boyfriend's house.
We would love to get our own house soon, but it's still a bit impossible as we both study so we arrange it this way. Some people think it is a bit strange to do it this way, but we are used to it. We did this since my little brother died a little while ago.
In the new house we will have one creative room for ourselves. In that room there is place for our old vintage books (mostly from flee markets, second hand stores or our grandma) and new books, our music instruments (4 guitars and our piano), a working table (to make drawings, jewelry,...), a painter's easel and two cozy Ikea chairs. I am really looking forward to that place, as it will be a little bit our atelier.

It will be a hard day, but in the end it'll be worth it!
Have a nice sunday,
Eline S.

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