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Meet RobbieLee from Chickiedee handmade

Chickiedee Handmade is my large sponsor of this month.
I'm so proud that I could interview RobbieLee about herself and her shop.
I hope you fall in love with her items as much as I am!
She and her shop are amazing!


Who are you? – Where do you come from?
My shop and blog share the name Chickiedee | Handmade. It originally started out as Chickiedee | Modern Apparel for Babies, but I've since expanded beyond only baby products.

Chickiedee, not to be confused with Chickadee, has been one of my many nicknames since I was 3 years old. My mother started calling me that when I got my little yellow coat with a baby chick on it. It was the fuzziest and sweetest little coat ever! The name has stuck with me and become a part of my small business.

My name is RobbieLee and I was born and raised in beautiful Colorado. I travel a lot and enjoy seeing the world, but love knowing that I can come home to my little suburban town.

I went to school for Graphic Design + Animation and have always loved to craft. I combine all of my skills, talents and passion into Chickiedee. I really couldn't do what I do without the support of my family, friends + readers, so thank you.

Roblin Plushie with or without Bow Tie
What do you make/sell?

I make and sell things that range from handmade quilts to hand-painted paintings. But you might know me best for my Roblin creatures. I paint, sew and put them on almost anything! They're cute little goblin-like creatures that are drawn to do many things.

On my blog I share inspiration, DIY, my daily life, adventures and more! One of my favorite series is called {studio sunday}. There I interview creatives and they allow my readers and I to peek into their studio to see where they make. It's quite a treat and very inspiring to see how each person uses their space.

When did you start your hobby?

I started my Shop and Blog back in 2007 when the economy started to downturn and I couldn't find a good job. Being an artist, it was difficult to find even freelance work that would pay what my time and skill were worth. So, I started Chickiedee and it's since grown from there.

Is this your only hobby?

This is not my only job right now. I do have a day job that allows me the time to still invest into Chickiedee. As I continue to grow I'll think more about making the transition to working on Chickiedee full-time.

Right now my hubby and I don't have children, so we are just building our nest egg and when we do decide to start expanding our little family, Chickiedee will serve as a wonderful way for me to still contrite family support while staying home with the littles.

Mustache Onesie for Baby

When did you realize you had this talent for making or searching up nice things?

Both of my parents have always supported my creativity in every shape and form. They say that I have been making, painting, drawing and dreaming since I was very young. So, it's safe to say that I'm meant to be doing something creative, so why not something that I love.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love this question because I find my inspiration in just about everything! I'm inspired by other creatives, magazines, vintage and antique shops, photography - you name it. Bright and clean colors always catch my eye, and anything unique draws me in like a bee to honey.

What is one thing you would like to accomplish that you haven't yet?
The one thing that I would like to accomplish that I haven't yet, would have to be to get either a mobile shop or a brick + mortar shop to add to Chickiedee's online presence.  I've actually been looking at old vintage campers a lot lately, but haven't found the perfect match just yet.

What are your words to live by or favorite quote?
Right now, my favorite quote would have to be "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle."  I unfortunately don't know who said this, so if anyone does know, please let me know.  I think this is so important to remember because there are so many people out there that may not support you or may be insecure and jealous, so they'll try and bring you down.  So sad, right?!  You know who you are and what you're capable of and that's all that matters.  Times get rough, but you have to pull through and allow yourself to shine.

Where do you know ‘Eline S.’ from?

Eline S. and I met online a few months ago and have been in contact ever since.
I want to thank Eline S. for supporting this online community that we're all apart of. It means a lot to have someone so sweet and dedicated to keeping a positive space for all of us to share.

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